Jurgita Špakovskytė

I was born into the family of an antique collector. Beautiful, valuable, antique items surrounded me from an early age, shaped the taste, created an understanding of aesthetics. Therefore, I am studying design and restoration strokes, I have graduated in art pedagogy, interior design, furniture and painting restoration. 

 I created a creative house, where furniture is restored, paintings are painted. This is a gallery where you can buy my works.And if you could not find the right painting, I will suggest you to paint a cute painting or restore a painting you already have..

My professionalism is guaranteed by many years of experience in furniture and painting restoration, in the field of interior design, approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture category.

With my experience, I will help you to decorate your home and create spirituality at your home, because the process of creation is the spread of your own spirituality in daily life.

An art is like a ritual that turns everyday life into a miracle..